Luybov Orlova Update: Drifting Russian Ferry may have sunk 700 nautical miles off coast

By Accidents

The Russian ferry vessel Lyubov Orlova that has been drifting across the Atlantic ocean towards Ireland since 24th of January, 2013 is believed to have sunk 700 n.m. off the west coast.
Canadian officials seized the ferry ship MV Lyubov Orlova in 2010 as a part of a lawsuit and the vessel was being towed from Canada to a yard ford scrap in the Republic of Dominicana when the tow cable snapped.
It caused the ferry vessel to begin drifting toward an offshore oil patch and a recovery ship was sent to divert it away from that position.
However, due to bad weather conditions the ferry couldn't be brought under control and it drifted out into international waters.
Irish Coastguard spokeswoman told they only got formal notification that the ferry vessel Luubov Orlova was heading towards Ireland on 14th of February, 2013.
Then in the last days, an alert from the Russian’ ship’s emergency position-indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) confirmed that it was approximately 700 n.m. off the Kerry coast and still in international waters.
The EPIRB only transmits signals when it hits the water. It usually acts as a distress signal. Spokesman of the coast guard told a satellite was sent over the position of the last signal from the Lyubov Orlova’s EPIRB but there wasn't any sign of the vessel. That lead coast guard authorities to the conclusion that it had probably sunk.
The air corp is expected to continue to investigate the area to assure the ferry vessel is no longer a threat to Irish waters.