2 victims reported and 6 vessels washed ashore by strong winds at Colon, Panama

By Accidents

National Civil Protection System hasn't been able to save 2 seafarers that were on a vessel which washed ashore at Colon City, Panama due to the bad weather conditions.
The local marine officials of Panama roped off the region around 1st street to keep people away from the spilled fuel from the grounded vessels. So far, 6 vessels have washed ashore onto the beach in front of 1st street and the Juventud Park in Colon from bad weather condition and the strong winds.
SINAPROC and the Red Cross had saved five seafarers from other vessels.
The govenor of Colon Province in Panama, Pedro Rios, confirmed that the upper (eastern) and lower (western) coastal regions of Colon have been hard hit by a cold front which brought strong winds and five-metre waves causing flooded rivers, high tides, and roofs being blown off of houses.The governor has alerted people to stay away from the shore and stay in their houses until the bad weather condition passes.