Maersk Line's New Customer Charter for Service Quality

By Curious

Soren Skou, the Chief Executive Officer of Maersk Line launched a "customer charter" setting out minimum service quality at the TPM Transpacific conference.
The Customer Charter is a set of aspirational goals Maersk Line is making accessible to customers defining ambitions and ongoing implementation on a number of key customer interactions (as articulated by customers). 

The Customer Charter is going to be an external web-based set of key metrics – e.g. Documentation ‘Accuracy & Turn Time’, timeliness of ‘Pre-arrival Notice’, ‘Booking Turn Time’ and ‘Invoice Dispute Turn Time’. These metrics are going to be based on, month-on-month performance on the enhancements and they are going to be made available to Maersk's clients. 

“We've been running through the conception of a Customer Charter with some of the North Europe clients, and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive,” told the Northern Europe Region Top, Karsten Kildahl. He also added: “The clients are obviously not concerned with how we deliver overall; they're more focused in how we deliver towards them individually. However, the Charter secures a good start for a conversation with our customers about the quality of our service.”
Charter targets include:
Documentation (Accuracy & Turn Time)
Booking Turntime
Documentation (Amendment Turn Time
Issues Resolution
Invoicing Accuracy
Pre-arrival Notification Timeliness
Accessibility to our service agent
Schedule Reliability