Detained vessels Smuggled from Cornish port

By Accidents

Two tug boats that have been detained in the Westcountry and sentenced as unseaworthy have been smuggled out of port in the dead of night.
After disappearance of the 2, 151-tonne former Ministry of Defence "dog class" vessels that are now believed to bound for Africa, has been launched an investigation for the case. The 70ft tug vessels - Juliette Pride I and Juliette Pride II - they had been tied up at Newlyn, in West Cornwall, after major problems were found by surveyors from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.
But the both tug vessels that fly the flag of Tanzania and are owned by a Nigerian oil trader, somehow succeeded to slip unseen from the port early on Sunday.
The officials of Maritime and Coastguard Agency privately fear the vessels may have sunk en route and there are concerns for the welfare of the Nigerian crew members and any seamen that may be called to their aid should they encounter issues.