Incat Crowther announced earlier today that construction is underway for an innovative tour vessel to operate in Tasmania’s south-west. The vessel will be operated by Gordon River Cruises and will offer interpretive tours into the heart of the UNESCO Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

Incat Crowther starts construction work on innovative new Eco tour vessel

From the inception of the project, priority was put on delivering a superb customer experience. Incat Crowther developed a concept that utilized triangular side structure to enlarge openings and minimize vertical window posts that create obstructed viewing locations. Dark reflective floor-to-ceiling glass will provide an unparalleled viewing experience and will help the vessel ‘disappear’ whilst cruising on the river.

Bathrooms were moved to the hull, whilst the galley and servery areas were constrained to the centre of the vessel, and aligned with areas already posing viewing obstructions such as side structure and life-saving appliances. The main deck side boarding areas, involving engine room ventilation and engine removal, were minimized, whilst the main stair case is open-tread type.

The main deck seats 144 economy class passengers, with the central passengers mounted on a raised central platform for better vision. The cabin is comprised of a mix of individual seats and lounge seats, some at tables, whilst others have either fold-down tables in front or side tables.

The upper deck cabin seats 48 first class passengers, in seats angled to face the side windows, fitted with side tables. Casual lounge seating adjacent to a private bar, dedicated amenities and a private forward exterior deck complete the first class experience.

The vessel will provide optimal efficiency at a cruise speed of 25 knots across Macquarie Harbour and clean, very low wash running at 6 knots along the Gordon River.

Source: Incat Crowther