Vessel runs aground and causes environmental damage in Vanuatu

By Accidents

An inter-island vessel has run aground on Tanna, one of southernmost islands of Vanuatu.
Unfortunately the accident was followed by a fuel leak into the surrounding water which caused some environmental damages and local officials have been warned to avoid eating seafood and fish from the region.
David Kiel, manager of the local radio station told Radio Australia's Pacific Beat program half of the vessel is now underwater.
"This is caused concerns, particularly to the people mostly affected around the region where the vessel was run aground," he commented.
Mr Kiel also said to representatives from the Department of Environment and the Department of Fisheries had reported that nearly 34,000 litres of fuel had leaked into the sea.
He also told that a salvage team is being dispatched to try and float the grounded vessel so it may tow it back to Port Villa.