Somali Pirates Release 'MV Royal Grace' After a Year

By Piracy

MV Royal Grace is released by pirates and is now under surveillance by EUNAVFOR warship. The chemical tanker was in pirates hands for a year.
The ship was found by ESPS Mendez Nunez while conducting patrols 20 nautical miles off the northern Somali coast. A radio call was received from the released chemical tanker MV Royal Grace announcing its freedom and the need of food, water and medical help.
People were sent to the MV Royal Grace ho help the 20 crew members. Two people needed medical treatment.
Now the vessel is sailing to Muscat and guarded by EU Naval Force warship ESPS Rayo.

Talking about the help given to the tankship, Rear Admiral Bob Tarrant, who is the operation commander of the EU Naval Force informed “I am relieved that the crew of MV Royal Grace are now safe and on their way home. It has been an extremely worrying time for the men and their families.”