Greek oil tanker MT Smyrni released by pirates

By Piracy

The Greek oil tanker MT Smyrni have been released by Somali pirates with all people on board. The vessel was seized in the Arabian Sea 10 months. Information from the owner of the tanker - Dynacom Tankers Management.
MT Smyrni was transporting 1m barrels of crude. A ransom was paid and shortly after that the pirates released the tanker.
Isse Abdulahi is believed to be one of the pirates involved in the crime announced that they have received almost $10m ransom.
The company owner did not say anything about the case except that all people on board the taker are safe.
Abdulahi informed that 2 crew members were ill.
In May last year MT Smyrni was heading to Indonesia before the pirate attack. Since then Somali pirates do not have successful attacks on large oil tankers in the Horn of Africa region.
MT Smyrni is the 2nd ship released by Somali pirates within the last few days. A chemical tanker hijacked a year ago with more than 20 people on board was also freed last week.