Navy Divers explore Antarctic Wreck

By Curious

HMS Protector divers from the Royal Navy ice patrol tried to investigate the condition of the research sunken vessel MV Bahia Paraiso despite the cold water.
The ship is there since 1989 and spilled 645,000 litres of diesel. This is one of the biggest marine disasters for the environment in Antarctica. All sign of fuel were removed recently and now a team of divers is investigating if there is leakage.
Divers entered the hull and using a camera have prove that the diesel leak has stopped and that in the place has now a rich ecosystem of hanging sponges and aquatic life.
The leader of the diver team explained:
"Diving in Antarctica is inconceivably amazing, with diverse aquatic life and breathtaking sea bed topography. It is a real privilege to dive in the Antarctic; it certainly makes a change from diving in UK waters searching for unexploded Second World War ordnance or in the very warm waters of the Gulf."
Generally HMS Protector is located in Portsmouth and is a 5,000t ice patrol ship.