Carnival Corp. puts its Entire Cruise Fleet Under Microscope After Carnival Triumph Fire

By Accidents

Officials of Carnival Corporation have launched a detailed review of its whole fleet after a fire crippled one of its cruise vessels last month, and is going to share its findings across the industry, stated the CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines on a Tuesday conference.
The accident in the engine-room fire disabled the Bahamian-flagged Carnival Triumph in the Gulf of Mexico, and left it adrift with over 3,000 cruisers and crew members aboard. The incident made headlines around the world and comedians had a field day with the assuing plumbing problems.
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“We have started a detailed review of all our cruise liners,” stated the Carnival Cruise Lines' CEO and President, Gerry Cahill on the annual conference of Cruise Shipping Miami.
“It is going to take us a little bit of time to finish it but you may rest assured that it's our highest priority in the whole organization, it's the thing we're most concentrated on and we are going to come up with some solutions that we may implement across our fleet,” he added.
Carnival Corp has assembled fire safety expert teams, naval architects, electrical and mechanical engineers and engine manufacturers to lead its own investigation, Gerry Cahill also told.
The Carnival Triumph cruise ship was en route to port of Galveston, Texas, when a fuel leak return caused a fire in the aft engine room. The cruise vessel has 2 independent engine rooms but the fire damage knocked out both, Cahill added.