New Shipping Routes in Dutch part of North Sea

By Curious

The Dutch part of the North Sea is known for its heavy and busy shipping routes, wind energy areas, sand extraction and nature protection. The things will change for safety reasons of the maritime traffic.
What is about to change?
On 1 August this year there will be:
- A new Traffic Separation scheme (TSS) - currently this scheme is working in Rotterdam, next will be introduced to IJmuiden. It is decided in a way that ships sailing in opposite directions to have their own sea lanes.
- Shipping routes will not be close to the coast.
- Intersections will be reduced.
- Relocation of the anchorage areas.
- Ships will not have allowance to sail in ‘areas to be avoided’, while ships sailing in ‘precautionary areas’ will be warned to move carefully.
Next month maritime traffic will be warned with messages about the new scheme. Usual channels of communications has to be monitored.
More information for the messages on the Netherlands Hydrographic Office and the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office.