Carnival Update: Carnival Released official statement for the accidents of its cruise ships

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Here is the statement that Carnival Cruise Company has released on Sunday:
We want to share an update with you regarding the current status of Carnival Dream, Carnival Elation and Carnival Legend and to respond to your questions and clarify many misperceptions which are being driven by confusing and, in many cases, inaccurate media coverage. We would also like to update you on the status of our ongoing internal review in the wake of the Carnival Triumph accident.
Carnival Dream cruise ship
As of the evening on March 17, 2013, we are going to have nearly finished the process of flying all passengers from St. Maarten to either Orlando or their final destination through a combination of twenty-one charter flights and multiple merchant air flights. In addition, we are going to provide some 600 hotel rooms in Orlando as necessary based on travel plans, all together with all motor coach transportation needs. Once all passengers have left the cruise vessel, Carnival Dream is going to make preparations to sail back to Port Canaveral with the crew members onboard and we expect to sail on Sunday.
The cruise vessel’s power plant, propulsion and hotel systems are fully operational. Aside from some periodic interruptions to restroom and lift service for a few hours Tuesday night, at no time have any of the cruise vessel’s systems and services not been functional. One public restroom was taken offline for cleaning Tuesday evening, but otherwise there weren't any problems with sanitation functionality or cleanliness on the ship. Reports to the contrary are totally false.
We have had permission from all needed regulatory officials to depart from St. Maarten and sail to Port Canaveral since earlier this week. However, it was our decision not to sail with passengers onboard without a functioning back-up emergency generator. Upon arrival in Port Canaveral early next week, we are going to install a replacement emergency generator, followed by the suitable inspections and approvals to operate our next planned sailing on Saturday, 23rd of March, 2013.
Carnival Legend
Carnival Legend cruise ship is experiencing a technical problem with the vessel’s propulsion system that is having a minor effect on the maximum speed of the cruise ship which is being reduced by a few nautical miles per hour versus normal capacity. The vessel's safety systems, steering and all hotel services are currently functioning normally and the cruise liner that has been achieving speeds of 19 knots, is planned to arrive in Tampa on time tomorrow morning.
On Sunday afternoon, Carnival Legend cruise ship is expected to depart on planned while technicians still continue to make progress on the repairs. The cruise vessel is expected to operate its normal route with the exception of one port – Grand Cayman – that is being replaced by Costa Maya. Any passengers wishing not to proceed based on the change to one port of call have been given the option of cancelling and receiving a full refund of their payments.
Carnival Elation
Carnival Elation cruise vessel has been under tow or required the assistance of a tug vessel at no time. The cruise liner continues to operate its normally planned routes. The vessel is experiencing a minor technical problem with the steering function of 1 of its 2 redundant Azipod propulsion units and the tugboat that is trailing the vessel while it travels on the Mississippi River is purely a precautionary measure. The cruise vessel is planned to return on time from its current sailing on Monday. Repairs are being expected to be fully finished prior to the cruise liner’s departure for its next cruise on Monday afternoon.
Our Commitment to Safety and Security
We'd like to sincerely apologize to our customers for the disruption to their cruise plans as a result of these occurrences. The reason of each 1 is unrelated although we take each of them very seriously. As always put, the safety of our customers and crew members as foremost priority. Carnival Cruise Company carries some 4,5 million cruisers a year and operates thousands of cruises without accident. Our historical safety record is outstanding. We have very good maintenance programs in place which meet or exceed all regulatory standards and requirements.
We are committed to learning from any accident which might occur on 1 of our cruise liners to apply lessons learned and avoid future occurrences. We're presently conducting a detailed and comprehensive fleet-wide review which encompasses multiple operational regions, systems and training. We have assembled an expert team from across the company, as well as a diversity of outside experts to accomplish the assessment. We expect to make a statement early next week on the initial steps of our implementation program which will be based on the results of our review. In the meantime, we are confident that we are going to continue to secure our customers with a safe, fun and memorable cruise experience and look forward to welcoming them on board.