VIDEO: World's Largest Triple-E Ship of Maersk to be Filmed by Discovery Channel

By Vessels

In South Korean shipyard employees are building the largest vessels in the world – Maersk Line’s 400m long Triple-E container ships. Maersk Line and Discovery Channel have dealt to bring you every stage of construction from design to maiden voyage.
In this 6 episode TV-series, The Channel of Discovery has exclusive access to document every stage of the build of the mega vessels; from the design of the ships unique hull to the building of the Triple-E’s giant engines and propellers, from the environmental enhancements and safety systems to the vessel’s naming ceremony and maiden voyage on the Asia-Europe itinerary. All angles relating to the vessels design, construction and launch are going to be covered – with many sequences in 3D.
The TV series are also going to focus on the human side of the Triple-E’s development and zoom-in on the lives of some of the people who are involved with the vessel including the naval architect, members of the site team supervising the build and the Captain as he trains for his new role and lastly sails the 1st Triple-E out on its maiden voyage.
“The Triple-E giant ship is an exceptional vessel, in terms of its size as well as its energy saving technology and creative design. We are very excited about these ships and proud to have Discovery Channel as a partner for showing how it is constructed and the people and passion behind it,” stated Morten Engelstoft, Chief Operating Officer of the Maersk Line.
“Discovery Channel always delivers a unique and exclusive perspective on the most ambitious engineering projects in the world and the building of the world’s largest vessel is no exception. The Triple-E’s scale is unprecedented and we are really glad our audience is going to be able watch these mighty vessels being constructed, and launched, on Discovery Channel.” Dan Korn, SVP and Head of Programming at Discovery Networks, West Europe.