Russian Navy will have 24 submarines and 54 warships By 2020

By Curious

Russian Navy will have 24 submarines and 54 warships by the end of 2020. Russian Defense minister Sergei Shoigu explained that this is a result of government program - 8 nuclear-powered 16 multi-purpose submarines and 54 military ships of different classes. Upgrades and news units are important for the Russian Navy. In Russian plans is building nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines (so called Borei class). The classes Delta III, Delta IV and Typhoon has to be replaced.
The 1st submarine (Yury Dolgoruky) of this class is in service from January. 2nd the Alexander Nevsky has been tested and 3rd Alexander Suvorov will begin sea test in July this year. The Russian Navy will also receive Admiral Gorshkov class frigates, Steregushchy class corvettes, Buyan class corvettes, and Ivan Gren Class landing ships.
Vladimir Putin (Russian President) announced that upgrading the ships and submarines in the Russian's Navy will be at first place in the next 10 years. The Russian government decided to spare 5 trillion rubles ($166 billion) -- 1/4 of the entire armament procurement budget until 2020 -- for this purpose.