MSC FLAMINIA already en route to Daewoo shipyard in Romania

By Curious

The damaged by huge fire onboard cargo vessel MSC Flaminia has left the Jade-Weser-Port in Wilhelmshaven on the 15th of March, 2013. The cargo ship MSC Flaminia is put out to sea without any further occurrences en route to the North Sea.
The current destination of MSC Flaminia is the Daewoo shipyards in Mangalia, Romania, where the vessel is going to be completely overhauled. The sailing of the cargo ship to Romania is expected to take up 10 days.
Prior to the ship’s departure, REEDEREI NSB had obtained the written permission for the notification process from Romanian officials. This permission was required to be able to start the sailing to the shipyard.
REEDEREI NSB and Daewoo shipyards estimate that the repairs is going to be completed by the end of September.