Shell to Launch First 100% LNG-Powered Barge

By Curious

Shell Corp. has launched the 1st 100 per cent Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) powered tank barge at a Christening ceremony, which was attended by the CEO of Shell, Peter Voser at Peters Shipyards in The Netherlands.
This LNG-powered barge is a 1st for the inland marine industry and for Shell.
The Vice President of Shell's Shipping & Maritime, Dr. Grahaeme Henderson commented: “We are excited to see this 1st LNG-powered barge in action. Through innovation, a shared vision and a big deal of dedication, LNG-powered barging has become a reality. Shell expects a bright future for Liquefied Natural Gas as a fuel in both inland and coastal shipping as it may help clients meet strict emissions standards such as those which are due to apply on the Rhine.”
The Greenstream LNG-powered barge has been constructed and designed at Peters Shipyards in The Netherlands and is going to be managed by the Dutch-based Interstream Barging (ISB). It's the 1st of 2 new LNG-powered barges to be chartered by Shell Corp. Greenstream has been released as planned and is going to begin with its operations on the Rhine in the next few weeks.
The launch of the LNG powered barge is part of the longer term development of a new European LNG marine fuel industry with the possible to fuel inland barges, ferries, tug boats or even cruise vessels. Shell’s recent acquisition of Gasnor, the Norwegian LNG fuel company, is another example of Shell’s confidence in this sector’s future. What's more, over the next few years Shell is going to develop 2 LNG corridors, primarily for the marine industry in the Gulf Coast and Great Lakes areas of North America.