$170million Cold War Stealth boat named the Sea Shadow is snapped up for $2.5million

By Curious

The first known stealth ship in the world Sea Shadow is going to the end, scrap(San Francisco). There was an auction for the 27-year-old ship and won by Bay Ship & Yacht Co. for $2.5 million. The amount of money needed for development of this secret weapon was $172 million. The boat is capable not to be detected by a radar.
This ship is no longer in use since 2006 when Pentagon decided the end of the 164ft maritime "weapon". Sea Shadow can sail under radar and sonar undetected with the special sharp angles and unique form. The maximum speed was 14 knots.
The idea with the Sea Shadow was to examine whether radar-evading technology proven in fighter aircraft such as the B-2 Stealth Bomber could also be used in shipbuilding. The stealth boat was able sneak up on vessels such as aircraft carriers undetected and its angular design was incorporated into numerous active naval vessels.