EU Border Agency will expand Mediterranean Sea surveillance

By Curious

EU Border Agency has the intention to expand Mediterranean Sea surveillance and to reach 2.5 million square kilometres.
Edgar Beugels, head of research and development at Frontex said: "We do not know at present what is going on in the Mediterranean Sea. We do not know, nor do the member states". He said more that the organization is searching for more useful technologies in order to increase the "situational awareness" of the EU's external borders like using drones(Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA)).
Of course team are looking for more useful technologies. Remotely Piloted Aircrafts have a plus over piloted crafts that they can fly longer. Such patrol aircrafts can run for 4-5 hours before having to return to a place for refuel. RPA can stay in the sky for 12 hours and detect small boats or people that have to be rescued.
The EU Border Agency is not sure how effective are remotely piloted aircrafts.