Gosport ferry collision lead to cuts and bruises

By Accidents

A ferry collision with a pontoon lead to bruises and cuts on its passengers.
The Gosport ferry vessel struck the Portsea Pontoon at 9:20 a.m. yesterday as it was coming alongside.
People traveling with the ferry fell over after the accident, caused by over-steer and a glitch in the controls of the ferry ship.
The Portsmouth Queen's captain acted promptly to reduce the impact. An engineer from the company-owner the collided ferry vessel, Gosport Ferry checked the craft that has been in service since 1966.
"It was a rare occurrence in the 70,000 crossings that are made every year," stated the general manager of Gosport Ferry, Keith Edwards.
He also told: ‘The captain did a very good job trying to minimize the impact. Unfortunately there were a couple of very minor damages. It was an unfortunate glitch on the controls. We checked everything and everything was fine, and the ferry carried on in service. It demonstrates how well ships here are maintained.’
He also told that accidents like this occasionally happen in marine transport. No ambulances were called to the incident but the company took the details of the injured travelers.