Refugee boat sinks off Australia

By Accidents

A fishing boat transporting about a hundred asylum seekers capsized off Australia's west coast according to official information from the authorities. 2 passengers died and 93 were rescued after their boat capsized north of Christmas Island. This accident is provoking the question for the refugee policy and border protection. Australia is a country with a small number of asylum seekers compared with the rest of the World.
"This is a government that cannot control themselves, let alone our borders. And with illegal boat arrivals in 2013 getting off to the fastest start on record, things only seem to be getting worse, conservative opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison explained.
Polls put the conservatives on track to easily win the Sept. 14 ballot, with the idea to boost border security.
Statistics - U.N. refugee agency informed 7 days ago that claims for asylum in 2012 are with 37% higher than 2011.
The most of the refugees seeking asylum in the country are starting from Indonesia or Sri Lanka heading for Australia’s Indian Ocean territory of Christmas Island in dangerous and overcrowded boats, with the help of people smugglers.
The tragic in this case is that for 10 years almost 1000 asylum seekers have died while sailing to Australia on unseaworthy and crowded boats.