Money from Somali piracy

By Piracy

It is known that for the last 5 years Somali pirates "working" in the Gulf of Aden have gained about $120 million per year. But the shipping industry lost for every year between $900 million and $3.3 billion. Costs for the business working in the region have increased by 8% since 2008.
Shipping industry had to think about paying for armed security, higher taxes for military presence ransoms. It appears that it is 14% cheaper to send the ships through the Gulf of Aden in the time of the summer monsoons, (when the pirates are not risking to go to open sea,) than the spring.
Extra costs for the shipping industry are estimated $1.3 billion. If pirates do not attack and the shipping industry give the money to Somali 1.5 million people will have work.
Pirate attacks are down by 2/3 since last year with the security on the ships and the international military presence but at what cost?