Navios Maritime Containers Inc. (Navios Containers) (N-OTC:NMCI), a growth vehicle dedicated to the container sector, announced Monday that it has closed the acquisition of the remaining four container vessels and as a result has completed the acquisition of the entire 14 container vessels fleet (the “Fleet”).

Navios Maritime Containers Inc. announces completion of the acquisition of 14 container vessels
Caption: Container ship MOL Devotion - Image courtesy of Juan Carlos

Navios Containers acquired the 14 vessels for a total purchase price of $118.0 million plus certain delivery and other operating costs.

The Fleet was partially financed through two loan facilities of $61.0 million in aggregate, including a previously announced $40.0 million facility, and a recently completed $21.0 million facility.

Fleet Update

Following this acquisition, Navios Containers controls a fleet of 14 vessels, totaling 57,100 TEU and the current average age of the fleet is 9.7 years.

 Vessel Name   TEU  Year Built
 MOL Devotion  4,250  2009
 MOL Destiny  4,250  2009 
 MOL Dominance  4,250  2008
 MOL Delight  4,250  2008
 MOL Dedication  4,250  2008
 Navios Amaranth  4,250  2007
 Navios Indigo  4,250  2007
 Navios Vermillion  4,250  2007
 Navios Verde  4,250  2007
 Navios Amarillo  4,250  2007
 Navios Azure  4,250  2007
 Navios Spring  3,450  2007
 Navios Summer  3,450  2006
 Navios Verano  3,450  2006

Source: Navios Containers