Collided CMA CGM Florida is sailing to Shanghai leaking oil after bulker collision

By Accidents

The 5,095-TEU CMA CGM Florida has continued to Shanghai after its collision with the 175,569 dwt bulker Chou Shan, and spilling oil over a region of 2 miles long and 200 miles wide.
The tank of the vessel CMA CGM Florida, containing 645 tonnes of bunker fuel continued to leak as the vessel made its way to Yangshan terminal in Shanghai 124 miles southeast of the accident. The bulker ship Chou Shan has arrived in a vessel repair yard in Zhoushan, and appears to have suffered limited damages.
Despite damages to its fuel tank, hull and containers, the UK-flagged box vessel CMA CGM Florida seems to have escaped the worst after remaining on the scene for over 1 day, reports London’s Containerisation International.
“The vessel isn't in danger of sinking and is currently sailing to Yangshan,” a Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration authorities reported. “It might go to a ship repair yard later as the clean-up operations continue.”
The 2005-built bulker ship is owned by Taipei’s Sincere Navigation hit the CMA CGM Florida amidvessels northeast of Shanghai early Tuesday morning, and suffered damage on its port side and to 4 rows of containers.
Safety officials of Shanghai deployed a 5-vessel clean up squadron, and “operations are going to continue for a while as the box vessel is going to Yangshan with a leaking tank, so more spills might occur”, the port authorities reported. No containers have fallen into the sea.
“There's some damage to the ship. But things appear to be not so bad. The vessel wasn't loaded when the incident occurred. It still had power so it sailed to the repair yard by itself,” stated the vice-president of the bulker Sincere Navigation, Lee I-Jen.
A team of UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Bureau has been deployed to China to investigate the collision and evaluate the damages. The CMA CGM Florida vessel was on its way back from the US east coast via Panama.