Ships Dock In UK Amid Fuel Crisis

By Finance

Very large gas tanker is arriving in Britain as weather continues to be bad and to deplete reserves.
This tanker is named Zarga and had to dock in Milford Heaven, Wells transporting 266,000 cubic meters of LNG(Liquified Natural Gas).
Another tanker from Qatar 3 days ago arrived in the Isle of Grain in Kent. The amount of natural gas transported by the 2 ships is enough to power Britain for 12 hours.
A 3rd tanker from Qatar is expected to arrive in 3 days on Friday. Cold weather provoked increased use of electricity and heating and gas stocks fallen to 10%.
"We get our supplies from a diverse range of sources and the market is proving to be highly responsive to the UK's needs," Energy Minister John Hayes explained.
He told the Britons there would be no menace of shortages, and that the energy regulator and the National Grid were controlling the situation.
"The UK's gas needs continue to be met," he added.
People were afraid that Britain had only liquified natural gas only for 2 days. The situation was looking worse after a pipeline from Belgium had to stop after a problem.
The pipeline was ready and working later on Friday afternoon, but gas doubled in price on the UK's energy markets.
The price of the fuel(LNG) came back to its normal rate but the situation highlighted Britain's dependence on imported gas.

The fuel incident comes after it become clear that gas imported from the US will heat as many as 1.8 million UK homes from 2018.
British Gas owner Centrica informed that the 20-year contract, at a price of £10bn, would play an important role in ensuring the UK's energy security.