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Avance Gas agrees one-year Time Charter for Avance Polaris

Avance Gas Holding Ltd (Avance Gas) (OSE: AGAS) on Wednesday announced that it has agreed a new one-year variable Time Charter for the dual fuel VLGC Avance Polaris (built 2022) with an energy major.  Avance Polaris has been on a two-year …
Feb 29, 2024 / Vessels

Avance Gas Holding Ltd - Enter into Time Charter Agreement for Avance Polaris

Avance Gas Holding Ltd (AGAS) has announced that the Company has entered into a Time Charter Agreement for a period of 2 years for the first dual fuel VLGC, Avance Polaris, to energy major TotalEnergies. The vessel is scheduled as planned for …
Dec 15, 2021 / Vessels

Avance Gas Holding Ltd – Signed Sustainability-Linked Financing for the two first dual-fuel newbuildings

Avance Gas Holding Ltd announced earlier today the successful signing and completion of the $104 million sustainability-linked term facility with a bank syndicate previously announced in May 2021. The transaction will secure financing of the two …
Jul 7, 2021 / Finance