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Avenir LNG Signs JCA with PPD to develop LNG truck distribution from the Krk LNG facility

Avenir LNG Limited (N-OTC: AVENIR) announced on Aug 23 that it has signed a Joint Collaboration Agreement (JCA) with Prvo Plinarsko Društvo d.o.o. (PPD) which will initially focus on the sale and distribution of LNG by truck and small-scale LNG …
Aug 28, 2022 / Curious

Avenir Allegiance – World’s Largest Dual-Purpose LNG Supply And Bunkering Vessel Launched

Avenir LNG Limited (NOTC:AVENIR) announces the launch of the Avenir Allegiance; the world’s largest dual-purpose, LNG supply and bunkering vessel from CIMC Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering Co. (CIMC SOE).Avenir Allegiance was launched at 7am on …
Feb 2, 2021 / Vessels

Avenir LNG Limited announces delivery of the Avenir Advantage to Future Horizon (L) Pte Ltd.

Avenir LNG Limited (NOTC:AVENIR) Friday (Nov13) announced that its subsidiary Avenir (L) Pte. Ltd. delivered its first dual-purpose liquefied natural gas bunkering and supply vessel (LBV) Avenir Advantage to Future Horizon (L) Pte Ltd (a joint …
Nov 16, 2020 / Vessels