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Samskip and Boluda Lines Join Forces to Launch New Spain-Ireland-UK Service to Realize Shortsea Shipping’s Competitive Edge

Samskip and Boluda Lines will jointly launch shortsea container services connecting Santander, Dublin and Liverpool, in a new commitment to clients in Spain, Ireland and the UK that also delivers a strategic expansion for Samskip’s and Boluda’s …
Sep 28, 2023 / Curious

Boluda Lines launches new daily shipping service to Canary Islands

Boluda Lines, the first shipping company ever to offer a daily connection between the Peninsula and the archipelago, bringing changes to the distribution and logistics system in the Canary IslandsThis December Boluda Lines is launching an exciting …
Oct 20, 2020 / Curious

Boluda Lines ships 300,000 tons since start of state of alert and guarantees supply in all Canarian ports

The current world health crisis has caused major jitters in the port among different national operators. Many have opted to moor their ships, reduce connection frequency or simply cancel routes. Nowadays the news is full of pessimistic reports from …
Apr 30, 2020 / Curious

Boluda Lines increases frequency of Cape Verde commercial line with new weekly service

The regular shipping route service will operate on a weekly instead of biweekly basis from the first of February Boluda Corporación Marítima’s shipping division is the first company to shorten the times between services to the archipelagoBoluda …
Jan 15, 2019 / Curious