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Pivotal LNG Providing Renewable LNG to World’s First Carbon-Neutral Platform Supply Vessel

Pivotal LNG recently completed the first delivery of Renewable Liquefied Natural Gas (RLNG) to Harvey Gulf International Marine’s Carbon-Neutral Platform Supply Vessel (PSV). The tri-fuel vessel operates exclusively on LNG and battery power, with …
Mar 28, 2022 / Vessels

Harvey Gulf Operates First Carbon Neutral PSV Worldwide and Orders 25 Electric F150 Lightning Trucks

On Monday (Feb 07), Harvey Gulf International Marine announced that it has begun to operate one of its Tri-Fuel vessels exclusively on battery power and Renewable Liquefied Natural Gas (RLNG), with diesel fuel as back up, moving one step closer to …
Feb 8, 2022 / Curious

Harvey Gulf adds battery power to its LNG-fueled PSV

Tuesday (Sep02), Harvey Gulf International Marine became the first and only company in America to own and operate a “Tri-Fuel” vessel, as well as a vessel bunkering facility, selling both diesel fuel, and LNG. Harvey completed the installation of a …
Sep 3, 2020 / Curious

ABS to Class First 'Tri-fueled' Vessel for Harvey Gulf

Battery Retrofit Project Creates First U.S. Flagged Hybrid OSVABS has been selected to class two Offshore Supply Vessels (OSV) being retrofitted with a battery/converter system by Harvey Gulf International Marine.The Harvey Energy will become the …
Jun 20, 2019 / Vessels