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Joint Venture Including DEME Awarded Contract For Kiel Canal Widening In Germany

DEME has been awarded a contract as part of a joint venture for the widening of the Kiel Canal in Germany. Works started in January 2020 and will run until the end of 2023.The Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration, represented by the WSA …
Feb 5, 2020 / Vessels

SCA Logistics is firmly established in Kiel; 500th ship clearance in the Port of Kiel and at the Kiel-Canal

SCA Logistics moved its activities to the Ostuferhafen in Kiel 2 ¼ years ago, after the company had started its German operations in Hamburg 52 years ago and most recently continued them in Lübeck. The third terminal outside Sweden, alongside …
Jan 10, 2019 / Curious