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Crowley Acquires Tamarind Consolidated, Expanding Logistics Solution for British Virgin Islands

Crowley has acquired Tamarind Consolidated, a logistics services company serving the U.S. to the British Virgin Islands in a merger enhancing end-to-end supply chain capabilities for the Caribbean region. The acquisition will transition Tamarind’s …
Jul 3, 2023 / Curious

BW Offshore to liquidate owner of New Zealand FPSO to prevent further losses

The Board of Directors of BW Umuroa Pte. Ltd. (BWU), a wholly owned subsidiary of BW Offshore, on Thursday (Oct22) resolved to place BWU into voluntary liquidation. BWU is the owner and operator of the FPSO Umuroa which is presently located on the …
Oct 26, 2020 / Finance

BW Offshore gets termination notice for New Zealand FPSO

BW Offshore Limited (BWO) has today been notified by the client Tamarind Resources that the contract for the FPSO Umuroa, currently operating on the Tui field offshore New Zealand, will not be extended. The effective termination date will be 31 …
Oct 15, 2019 / Vessels