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Viking Grace becomes ever more climate smart – waste put to good use at the dock

The ten-year-old Viking Grace returned to operate between Turku and Stockholm on 12 February as a better and climate-smarter version of itself. During its three-week visit to the dock, new technology to reduce fuel consumption was installed and the …
Feb 13, 2023 / Vessels

Viking Grace celebrates 10 years of service – popular vessel rejuvenated the cruise experience and was a pioneer in climate-smartness

The popular vessel Viking Grace (CruiseMapper), which has already served more than ten million passengers, celebrates 10 years of service on January 13. Grace, built at the Perno shipyard in Turku, was one of the world’s first passenger ships to use …
Jan 13, 2023 / Vessels

Double victory for Viking Line at Finnish Travel Gala

Viking Line has been named both the Sustainable Business of the Year and the Transport Company of the Year at the Finnish Travel Gala. One factor that weighed heavily in both choices was the shipping company’s long-term investment in …
Nov 7, 2022 / Curious

Emissions from Viking Line’s vessels have decreased by a third in 15 years

Emissions from Viking Line’s vessels have decreased by a third in 15 years – the company’s focused environmental work began as far back as the 1980sOver the past 15 years, Viking Line has succeeded in reducing carbon dioxide emissions from its …
Aug 25, 2022 / Vessels

Test run of rotor sail on Viking Grace completed

Rotor sail technology has been tested at Viking Line since 2018.The innovative rotor sail technology developed by the Finland-based clean tech company Norsepower has been tested at Viking Line for three years. The rotor sail generates thrust …
Apr 26, 2021 / Vessels

Volume of freight transport has remained high on Viking Line ships despite exceptional circumstances

During the current exceptional circumstances, the transport capacity of Viking Line is being utilised for freight traffic. The traffic has been heavy and the demand for sea transports has grown even further since Easter. Caption: Passenger/Ro-Ro …
Apr 22, 2020 / Curious

Independent tests confirm Norsepower Rotor Sail savings on Viking Grace

Norsepower Oy Ltd., the leading provider of low maintenance, software operated, data verified auxiliary renewable wind energy propulsion systems, today announced that independent test results showed that Norsepower’s Rotor Sail technology has great …
May 16, 2019 / Vessels