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United Heavy Lift takes delivery of newest fuel-efficient Eco-Lifter

The latest addition to the United Heavy Lift Fleet, MV UHL FRESH, has set sails on her maiden voyage from Tianjin, China to Europe with project cargo onboard after being officially delivered to the shipping company on January 24th, 2024. The vessel …
Feb 5, 2024 / Vessels

OHT: High demand for offshore wind transportation to China

OHT’s fleet of semi-submersible heavy transportation vessels have been busy transporting offshore wind equipment to China, supporting the huge surge in development of offshore wind farms in the fast-growing market. This followed OHT’s largest …
Mar 31, 2021 / Curious

South Carolina Ports welcomes two new ship-to-shore cranes

SC Ports received two new ship-to-shore cranes yesterday, marking the first cargo-handling equipment to arrive for the Hugh K. Leatherman Terminal, which is under construction in North Charleston, S.C.When the terminal opens in March, it will be …
Oct 27, 2020 / Vessels

New Heavy Weight Record For Jumbo

Jumbo heavy-load carrier Jumbo Kinetic has just lifted a giant 1,929 tonne Wash Tower, the heaviest cargo ever lifted by Jumbo.Record Breaking!“At Jumbo, we enjoy pioneering solutions, and the team gets very excited when we can rise to a new …
Aug 7, 2019 / Vessels

Jumbo Moves Heavy Mobile Crane Within Castellon Port

In recent weeks, Jumbo’s heavy-load carrier Jumbo Vision has been touring around some beautiful European ports lifting and shipping cargo to and from Schiedam, Toulon, Genoa, Tarragona, Algeciras and Campbeltown.One of these projects included the …
Jul 22, 2019 / Vessels

Concordia Damen ships 18 hulls from Shanghai to Rotterdam

On Monday, 17th June, heavy-lift vessel Black Marlin departed Shanghai. On deck with eighteen Concordia Damen inland shipping vessel hulls and a Damen Crane Barge 6324, bound for Rotterdam. Concordia Damen regularly conducts such heavy-lift …
Jun 25, 2019 / Vessels

Spotted: Zhi Yuan Kou delivers modules for Chevron’s FGP-WPMP Project

COSCO SHIPPING Specialized continues transports for the FGP-WPMP project with the m/v Zhi Yuan Kou safely delivering modules from Okpo to Hamina in early January 2019.Heavy load carrier Zhi Yuan Kou is a Chinese flagged semi-submersible DP-1 vessel, …
Jan 15, 2019 / Vessels