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Impact of Russia-Ukraine conflict on port of Rotterdam

The conflict in Ukraine has prompted the European Union and other bodies to impose a number of sanctions on Russia. The extensive import of energy (crude oil, oil products, LNG, coal) is not (yet) affected by sanctions, but the export and …
Mar 8, 2022 / Vessels

U.S. Blacklists Two Executives for Alleged Oil Trade with North Korea

The U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has placed sanctions on two Taiwanese companies and a Hong Kong-based entity for their alleged roles in ship-to-ship transfers of petroleum products to North Korea.OFAC said these …
Sep 4, 2019 / Curious

All Crude Oil from Adrian Darya 1 has been Sold, claims Iran

Iran has sold the crude oil from Adrian Darya 1, released by Gibraltar after weeks in the custody of British Royal Marines and the vessel’s owner will decide on its next destination, IRIB news agency quoted an Iranian government spokesman as saying …
Aug 27, 2019 / Curious

Update: Iranian tanker Adryan Darya 1 Sails to Undeclared Destination Amid Cargo Scrutiny

The Iranian oil tanker Adrian Darya 1 that the U.S. sought to seize in Gibraltar was about halfway into the Mediterranean Sea without declaring a destination on Sunday amid mounting speculation over where the roughly 2 million-barrel cargo of crude …
Aug 26, 2019 / Curious

Coast Guard enforces North Korea sanctions in the East China Sea

The U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Bertholf pulled into Sasebo March 3 following a deployment in the East China Sea where the crew assisted in United Nations Security Council Resolutions (UNSCR) enforcement against illicit ship-to-ship transfers that …
Mar 21, 2019 / Naval