Fire on the Vehicle Carrier vessel Alliance Norfolk

By Ongelukken

On the morning of 10th of March 10, 2012, while transiting between Malta and Sicily, in the Mediterranean Sea, the vehicle carrier Alliance Norfolk, encountered rough weather and heavy seas resulting in damage to its cargo and a subsequent fire on a cargo deck. The fire was extinguished at sea, but two days later while in port, the damaged cargo deck was ventilated, and the fire reflashed, causing further damage to the ship and its cargo.
The vehicle carrier was on a voyage from Jacksonville, Florida, bound for ports in the Arabian Gulf via the Suez Canal when it experienced rolls up to thirty to thirty-five degrees during its passage through the Mediterranean. While experiencing rough seas, the main engine tripped and was subsequently restarted. During this time the crew members of the vessel checked the status of cargo that consisted of military containers, merchant vehicles, motorcycles, small boats, and electrical and other equipment.
After 2 days, while anchored in Port of Piraeus, the cargo deck was ventilated and a reflash occurred. The fire was brought under control nearly 9 hours later.