Russian nuclear submarine rescues five sailors in White Sea

By Curieus

The Voronezh, a Russian North Fleet nuclear submarine, has rescued four crew members and one passenger from Barents-1100 motorboat in the White Sea.
According to a North Fleet press service report, the boat sent a distress signal on Sunday (June 8) at 8:10 PM.

"The eleven-meter-long boat tried to pass by a spot of bad weather but it ran out of fuel," says the report.

The regional maritime rescue center in Arkhangelsk dispatched immediately two rescue boats, Lider and Metel, and Mil Mi-8 regional rescue service helicopter to assist the distressed vessel.

"Yet the North Fleet Voronezh nuclear submarine on a training mission in the White Sea appeared to be the closest to the distress zone. The nuclear submarine reached the motorboat and took aboard its crew already at 8:50 am," continues the report.

The commander of the Russian submarine confirmed the sailors from the motorboat were in good health condition.

"A Mil Mi-8 helicopter delivered nuclear fuel by noon. Yet considering the bad weather and low levels of seaworthiness of the Barents-1100 motorboat, it was not safe for the motorboat to travel on its own," said from North Fleet press service.

The sailors were let to stay aboard Voronezh while the motorboat was torn off and carried into the high seas. Voronezh and Barents-1100 were travelling to Severodvinsk port together with the Onega submarine chaser (also sent to the distress site).

The severe weather caused the motorboat to free, but the sailors were transferred safely ashore.

Photos: Russian Ministry of Defense