GPS Vessel Tracking Via Satellite Mobile Phone

By Ciekawostki

RedPort Global's Optimizer depends on coordinates from any GPS-enabled satellite mobile phone for vessel tracking or individual virtually worldwide.
The company providers of sea satellite data, voice routers and services, push GPS tracking service with the RedPort Optimizer. When the device is connected to a GPS-enabled satellite mobile phone or terminal, the Optimizer is working as a GPS Satellite Tracker , and might send the device’s GPS position at user-defined intervals, that work with select tracking services to let customers view GPS positions online or input them directly into their existing tracking systems.
“Hopeful, affordable GPS ship tracking is a critical part of all ship operations – from the smallest vessels to the largest one,” told the President and CTO of RedPort Global, Dr. Luis Soltero, . “For customers of GPS-enabled satellite mobile phones and terminals, Optimizer is the most simple and most available to earn all of the benefits of GPS vessel tracking with none of the cost and intricacy so common in the ship tracking industry.”
Optimizer is going wired for 12V power, making it ideal for sea use, and affordable options consisting five-hour external battery supplies and 12V car power adapters, to adapt vehicle or portable uses.
RedPort Optimizer comapny also secures as a firewall and Wi-Fi hotspot for clients of mobile devices satellite data service, securing access to accelerated email, web and weather data through virtually any satellite mobile phone and computer or Apple iOS device, including the iPad.
The combination of vessel tracking and accelerated satellite data services makes Optimizer especially well fitted for everybody seeking a full satellite communications solution.