Port Koper

Koper - Slovenia - Port details and photos

Port Koper (locode: SIKOP) is a port in Slovenia located at 45.55 N / 13.7333 E. There are currently 16 ships in Port Koper and no photos uploaded by VesselFinder users.

Koper map position

Koper details

45.55 N /  13.7333 E
Country: Flag of Slovenia  Slovenia
Size: Very Small
Type: Coastal Natural
Shelter: Fair
Vessel size: < 150 m
Tugs / assistance: Yes
Tugs / salvage: Yes
Dry dock: Small
Ship repairs: Limited

Ships in Port Koper (16)

GRETE MAERSK (IMO 9302889) Photo
Flag of Denmark GRETE MAERSK
Container Ship
NT: 51978 t
Built: 2005
BREMER ELENA (IMO 9347073) Photo
Flag of Gibraltar BREMER ELENA
General Cargo Ship
NT: 1788 t
Built: 2007
KAVO ALKYON (IMO 9291121) Photo
Flag of Greece KAVO ALKYON
Bulk Carrier
NT: 25444 t
Built: 2005
MSC LUNA F (IMO 9308625) Photo
Unknown flag MSC LUNA F
Container Ship
NT: 4900 t
Built: 2006
SEARIDER (IMO 9698953) Photo
Flag of Malta SEARIDER
Bulk Carrier
Built: 2015
PRIDE (IMO 9480277) Photo
Flag of Malta PRIDE
Bulk Carrier
NT: 6184 t
Built: 2008
DANIEL A (IMO 9238064) Photo
Flag of Turkey DANIEL A
Container Ship
NT: 4960 t
Built: 2001
WOTAN (IMO 7305992) Photo
Flag of Slovenia WOTAN
Pusher Tug
NT: 73 t
Built: 1973
SIRIUS (IMO 7612632) Photo
Flag of Slovenia SIRIUS
NT: 64 t
Built: 1977
MAKS (IMO 9161924) Photo
Flag of Slovenia MAKS
NT: 108 t
Built: 1997
ZEUS (IMO 9395513) Photo
Flag of Slovenia ZEUS
NT: 149 t
Built: 2006
NEPTUN (IMO 9584932) Photo
Flag of Slovenia NEPTUN
NT: 140 t
Built: 2011
PARADISE ACE (IMO 9293648) Photo
Flag of Panama PARADISE ACE
Vehicles Carrier
NT: 18575 t
Built: 2004
BYRON (IMO 9290828) Photo
Flag of Marshall Islands BYRON
Oil Products Tanker
NT: 10195 t
Built: 2005
DANO (IMO 8609175) Photo
Flag of Togolese Rep DANO
General Cargo Ship
NT: 2479 t
Built: 1986