Port Said

Port Said - Egypt - Port details and photos

Port Said (locode: EGPSD) is a port in Egypt located at 31.2667 N / 32.3 E. There are currently 22 ships in Port Said and no photos uploaded by VesselFinder users.

Port Said map position

Port Said details

31.2667 N /  32.3 E
Country: Flag of Egypt  Egypt
Size: Large
Type: Lake or Canal
Shelter: Good
Vessel size: > 150 m
Tugs / assistance: Yes
Tugs / salvage:
Dry dock: Large
Ship repairs: Major

Ships in Port Said (22)

VOS TETHYS (IMO 9552630) Photo
Flag of Italy VOS TETHYS
Offshore Tug/Supply Ship
NT: 503 t
Built: 2010
ULUC KA (IMO 9269934) Photo
Flag of Turkey ULUC KA
Chemical/Oil Products Tanker
NT: 1786 t
Built: 2004
JULE (IMO 9357999) Photo
Flag of Antigua & Barbuda JULE
General Cargo Ship
NT: 4260 t
Built: 2005
PEMBA (IMO 9504267) Photo
Flag of Antigua & Barbuda PEMBA
General Cargo Ship
NT: 2721 t
Built: 2008
MARIDIVE 232 (IMO 9327970) Photo
Flag of Belize MARIDIVE 232
Offshore Support Vessel
NT: 1137 t
Built: 2012
MARIDIVE  602 (IMO 9643386) Photo
Flag of Belize MARIDIVE 602
Offshore Tug/Supply Ship
NT: 1021 t
Built: 2012
Offshore Tug/Supply Ship
NT: 228 t
Built: 1969
OTS YEOMAN (IMO 7114197) Photo
Flag of Panama OTS YEOMAN
Offshore Support Vessel
NT: 390 t
Built: 1971
EXPRESS 92 (IMO 9782479) Photo
Flag of Panama EXPRESS 92
Offshore Tug/Supply Ship
Built: 2015
SEACOR COUGAR (IMO 9551296) Photo
Flag of Marshall Islands SEACOR COUGAR
Offshore Tug/Supply Ship
NT: 149 t
Built: 2009
MILLAC (IMO 7208716) Photo
Flag of Comoros MILLAC
General Cargo Ship
NT: 2535 t
Built: 1972
DELTA NORTH (IMO 9141106) Photo
Flag of Egypt DELTA NORTH
Container Ship
NT: 2096 t
Built: 1996
MARIDIVE 87 (IMO 8212142) Photo
Flag of Egypt MARIDIVE 87
Offshore Tug/Supply Ship
NT: 513 t
Built: 1984
SALAM 9 (IMO 9429417) Photo
Flag of Egypt SALAM 9
Built: 2010
EZZAT ADEL (IMO 9060572) Photo
Flag of Egypt EZZAT ADEL
NT: 594 t
Built: 1994
OBOOR (IMO 8402084) Photo
Flag of Egypt OBOOR
Hopper Dredger
NT: 2365 t
Built: 1984
PORT SAID (IMO 9305984) Photo
Flag of Egypt PORT SAID
Built: 2007
MOSAHEB4 (IMO 9544982) Photo
Flag of Egypt MOSAHEB4
Built: 2016
SALAM8 (IMO 9429405) Photo
Flag of Egypt SALAM8
Built: 2009
CMA CGM URUGUAY (IMO 9706310) Photo
Flag of Liberia CMA CGM URUGUAY
Container Ship
Built: 2015
SEA KING (IMO 8119211) Photo
Flag of Sierra Leone SEA KING
Offshore Tug/Supply Ship
NT: 306 t
Built: 1983
ZAMZAM (IMO 8410299) Photo
Flag of Togolese Rep ZAMZAM
General Cargo Ship
NT: 1102 t
Built: 1985