Port Szczecin

Szczecin - Poland - Port details and photos

Port Szczecin - Poland

Port Szczecin (locode: PLSZZ) is a port in Poland located at 53.4 N / 14.5333 E. There are currently 9 ships in Port Szczecin.

Szczecin map position

Szczecin details

53.4 N /  14.5333 E
Country: Flag of Poland  Poland
Size: Medium
Type: River Natural
Shelter: Good
Vessel size: > 150 m
Tugs / assistance: Yes
Tugs / salvage: Yes
Dry dock: Small
Ship repairs: Moderate

Ships in Port Szczecin (9)

HOGELAND (IMO 8208062) Photo
Flag of Germany HOGELAND
General Cargo Ship
NT: 333 t
Built: 1983
TINGANES (IMO 6824575) Photo
Flag of Faeroe Islands TINGANES
Hopper Dredger
Built: 1967
SIERRA KING (IMO 8810786) Photo
Flag of Netherlands SIERRA KING
Refrigerated Cargo Ship
NT: 2619 t
Built: 1989
SAR LOKE (IMO 9166613) Photo
Flag of Norway SAR LOKE
Offshore Tug/Supply Ship
NT: 870 t
Built: 1998
AGATA 1 (IMO N/A) Photo
Flag of Poland AGATA 1
NAVIGATOR XXI (IMO 9161247) Photo
Flag of Poland NAVIGATOR XXI
Research Vessel
NT: 373 t
Built: 1998
SEA SCAN1 (IMO 8417352) Photo
Flag of Panama SEA SCAN1
Offshore Tug/Supply Ship
NT: 149 t
Built: 1985
KARKLOE (IMO 9518995) Photo
Flag of Liberia KARKLOE
General Cargo Ship
NT: 2456 t
Built: 2011