Teesport - United Kingdom - Port details and photos

Teesport - United Kingdom

Teesport (locode: GBTEE) is a port in United Kingdom located at 54.65 N / 1.13333 W. There are currently 15 ships in Teesport.

Teesport map position

Teesport details

54.65 N /  1.13333 W
Country: Flag of United Kingdom  United Kingdom
Size: Large
Type: River Tide Gate
Shelter: Excellent
Vessel size: > 150 m
Tugs / assistance: Yes
Tugs / salvage: Yes
Dry dock: Medium
Ship repairs: Major

Ships in Teesport (15)

ASTRORUNNER (IMO 9349227) Photo
Flag of Cyprus ASTRORUNNER
Container Ship
NT: 3614 t
Built: 2007
ESTRADEN (IMO 9181077) Photo
Flag of Finland ESTRADEN
Ro-Ro Cargo Ship
Built: 1999
AILA (IMO 9354337) Photo
Flag of Finland AILA
Container Ship
NT: 4205 t
Built: 2007
HEORTNESSE (IMO 7817189) Photo
Flag of United Kingdom HEORTNESSE
Hopper Dredger
Built: 1979
Flag of United Kingdom GREATHAM
FIERY CROSS (IMO 9064712) Photo
Flag of United Kingdom FIERY CROSS
Built: 1993
B GAS MAUD (IMO 9363522) Photo
Flag of Malta B GAS MAUD
LPG Tanker
NT: 1373 t
Built: 2006
MED ANTARCTIC (IMO 9462316) Photo
Chemical/Oil Products Tanker
Built: 2017
MT BOMAR MARS (IMO 9377030) Photo
Flag of Malta MT BOMAR MARS
Chemical/Oil Products Tanker
NT: 1904 t
Built: 2007
GRAND CANYON (IMO 9614608) Photo
Flag of Norway GRAND CANYON
Offshore Support Vessel
NT: 3796 t
Built: 2012
ALPHAGAS (IMO 9130456) Photo
Flag of Antigua & Barbuda ALPHAGAS
LPG Tanker
NT: 1477 t
Built: 1996
DAMINA (IMO 9433365) Photo
Flag of Antigua & Barbuda DAMINA
General Cargo Ship
NT: 2724 t
Built: 2010
POLESIE (IMO 9488097) Photo
Flag of Bahamas POLESIE
Bulk Carrier
NT: 12801 t
Built: 2009
SEA HOPE (IMO 9439541) Photo
Flag of Hong Kong SEA HOPE
Crude Oil Tanker
NT: 33762 t
Built: 2009
NS37 / SERTAO (IMO 9541203) Photo
Flag of Marshall Islands NS37 / SERTAO
Drilling Ship
NT: 18094 t
Built: 2012