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Port Tripoli (locode: LYTIP) is a port in Libya located at 32.9 N / 13.1833 E. There are currently 11 ships in Port Tripoli and 1 photo uploaded by VesselFinder users.

Tripoli map position

Tripoli details

32.9 N /  13.1833 E
Country: Flag of Libya  Libya
Size: Medium
Type: Coastal Breakwater
Shelter: Fair
Vessel size: > 150 m
Tugs / assistance: Yes
Tugs / salvage:
Dry dock: Medium
Ship repairs: Limited

Ships in Port Tripoli (11)

ASSO TRENTA (IMO 9429467) Photo
Flag of Italy ASSO TRENTA
Offshore Tug/Supply Ship
NT: 1062 t
Built: 2009
AURETTE A (IMO 9242285) Photo
Flag of Turkey AURETTE A
Container Ship
NT: 4960 t
Built: 2002
GAZ EXPLORER (IMO 9506150) Photo
Flag of Panama GAZ EXPLORER
LPG Tanker
NT: 2743 t
Built: 2010
SEXTA (IMO 9165695) Photo
Flag of Panama SEXTA
Bulk Carrier
NT: 6331 t
Built: 2000
OYA STAR (IMO 8122957) Photo
Flag of Panama OYA STAR
Cement Carrier
NT: 4871 t
Built: 1982
HARMA (IMO 9065895) Photo
Flag of Panama HARMA
General Cargo Ship
NT: 3570 t
Built: 1994
LEPTIS STAR (IMO 8517592) Photo
Flag of Panama LEPTIS STAR
Cement Carrier
NT: 3070 t
Built: 1986
AGIA_SOFIA (IMO 9470820) Photo
Flag of Marshall Islands AGIA_SOFIA
Bulk Carrier
NT: 10104 t
Built: 2008
KAN 2 (IMO 9154268) Photo
Flag of Tuvalu KAN 2
General Cargo Ship
NT: 5452 t
Built: 1999
ANWAAR LIBYA (IMO 9275256) Photo
Flag of Libya ANWAAR LIBYA
Oil Products Tanker
NT: 9434 t
Built: 2004
YOUZARSIF II (IMO 7601073) Photo
Flag of Togolese Rep YOUZARSIF II
General Cargo Ship
NT: 1381 t
Built: 1977