Port Tuzla

Tuzla - Turkey - Port details and photos

Port Tuzla (locode: TRTUZ) is a port in Turkey located at 40.8185 N / 29.2738 E. There are currently 18 ships in Port Tuzla and no photos uploaded by VesselFinder users.

Tuzla map position

Tuzla details

40.8185 N /  29.2738 E
Country: Flag of Turkey  Turkey
Size: Very Small
Type: Coastal Breakwater
Shelter: Poor
Vessel size:
Tugs / assistance: No
Tugs / salvage: No
Dry dock: Unknown
Ship repairs: None

Ships in Port Tuzla (18)

CATHERINE MANX (IMO 9668922) Photo
Flag of United Kingdom CATHERINE MANX
Bulk Carrier
Built: 2014
AEGEAN HORIZON (IMO 9326811) Photo
Crude Oil Tanker
NT: 51751 t
Built: 2007
ZINNET METE (IMO 8913320) Photo
Flag of Turkey ZINNET METE
Container Ship
NT: 4608 t
Built: 1993
BIRDENIZ (IMO 7305772) Photo
Flag of Turkey BIRDENIZ
Passenger/Ro-Ro Cargo Ship
NT: 2251 t
Built: 1973
MAYSORA (IMO 8310542) Photo
Flag of Bahamas MAYSORA
Livestock Carrier
NT: 11477 t
Built: 1989
A.M.K. MARIN (IMO 7610103) Photo
Flag of Belize A.M.K. MARIN
Bulk Carrier
NT: 2307 t
Built: 1978
LADY DARYA (IMO 9188946) Photo
Flag of Panama LADY DARYA
General Cargo Ship
NT: 1714 t
Built: 1999
MSC DYMPHNA (IMO 9110391) Photo
Flag of Panama MSC DYMPHNA
Container Ship
NT: 35490 t
Built: 1996
HAI YANG SHI YOU 278 (IMO 9635793) Photo
Flag of China HAI YANG SHI YOU 278
Heavy Load Carrier
Built: 2012
NURS (IMO 9100164) Photo
Flag of Cook Islands NURS
General Cargo Ship
NT: 1693 t
Built: 1994
EIDER S (IMO 9364784) Photo
Flag of Cook Islands EIDER S
Bulk Carrier
NT: 18486 t
Built: 2006
TANGO REY (IMO 9214185) Photo
Flag of Cook Islands TANGO REY
General Cargo Ship
NT: 3418 t
Built: 2001
MILAN TRADER (IMO 9239733) Photo
Flag of Singapore MILAN TRADER
Container Ship
NT: 13160 t
Built: 2002
FSL OSAKA (IMO 9354519) Photo
Flag of Singapore FSL OSAKA
Oil Products Tanker
NT: 11804 t
Built: 2007
ANA-M (IMO 9128154) Photo
Flag of Liberia ANA-M
Bulk Carrier
NT: 9620 t
Built: 1997
KPS IBRAHIM BEY (IMO 9216638) Photo
Flag of Liberia KPS IBRAHIM BEY
Ro-Ro Cargo Ship
NT: 5049 t
Built: 2002
KPS MEHMET BEY (IMO 9232785) Photo
Flag of Liberia KPS MEHMET BEY
Ro-Ro Cargo Ship
NT: 6255 t
Built: 2002
KPS GOKSEL BEY (IMO 9121845) Photo
Flag of Liberia KPS GOKSEL BEY
Cable Layer
NT: 1551 t
Built: 1996