Exclusive: New Wave Rotor Technology for Electricity

By Curiosidades

IHC Merwede determines IHC Tidal Energy and makes Wave Rotor technology.
IHC Merwede made an agreement to acquire new Wave Rotor technology from Ecofys, on May 30, that is renowned for its expertise in resistant energy solutions. The official contract was made by Willem Steenge, who is managing director of IHC Tidal Energy, and Manon Janssen, managing director of Ecofys. Wave Rotor technology, that is going to be operated by the newly settled company IHC Tidal Energy, allows IHC Merwede to further assure its position in the renewable market.
With this acquisition, IHC Merwede has provided highly developed knowledge and the patented wave rotor system. Unlike the most tidal turbines, the wave rotor is vertically situated. It transforms power from tidal currents and wave movements directly into electricity. This system is a patented innovation from Ecofys which has been created over the past 10 years and successfully proves in a 30kW pilot plant in the Westerschelde.
After the wave rotor technology was created, it was brought through the pre-commercial stage by OceanMill. The firm demonstrated that the system has huge potential and is commercially valueable. IHC Tidal Energy has put its target to successfully bring the acquired wave rotor system to marketplace, enriching the world with really proven tidal and wave energy converters.