Malaysia Tourism Targets Wealthy Travellers

By Cruzeiros

Tourism Malaysia has unveiled a new scheme made to target wealthy tourists from key towns all over the world.
“Indonesia, China, and India - highly populated so we might capture a bigger market base,” told the international marketing division director for south Asia in a statement, west Asia and Africa, Zulkifly Md.
“Through this scheme, we hope to get more traveller arrivals and hopefully raise the length of stay and tourist receipts,” he also told.
Zulkifly Md was speaking in the presentation of the Malaysia Master Training Programme.
Sites have been especially focused on India, that again made it into the top ten markets for Malaysia last year.
“We had 690,849 tourists from India in 2010 and 693,056 arrivals in 2011,” explained Zulkifly Md, saying also Malaysia had set up 3 overseas offices in India to help capture a larger share of the market.
“For the off-peak months of August to October, we are also working with Malaysia Airlines in a joint promotion named ‘Showcase Malaysia’ whereby travellers in India that buy economy or business tickets are going to get a free night’s stay in Malaysia,” he also added.