Carnival Triumph Fire Update: USCG maintains communication, onboard conditions - not the best

By Acidentes

The USCG is maintaining connection with the cruise liner which has lost main propulsion and is dead in the water nearly 136 miles north of Merida, Mexico Sunday.
The Carnival Triumph cruise ship reported a fire in the aft engine room. The staff of the cruise vessel isolated and extinguished the engine room fire. No injured people were reported.
The cruise liner is operating on emergency power and is receiving supplies from another cruise vessel on scene. Tug vessels have been dispatched to assist the disabled liner.
The USCG Cutter Vigorous has been diverted to secure assistance if necessary and is planned to arrive early Monday morning.
"Passengers onboard the cruise liner have limited access to bathrooms, food and hot coffee as they wait for 2 tug vessels to arrive to tow them to Mexico," Carnival Cruise Lines stated.
"There is water and faeces all over the floor. It's not the best conditions," informed passengers onboard the cruise liner.
Carnival Cruises has determined a customer service number at 1-888-290-5095 for more information.