GC Rieber Shipping ASA has entered into a time charter agreement with Reach Subsea for the CSV Polar King to support Norwegian University for Science and Technology’s (NTNU) scientific operation under the MarMine Project in the mid-Atlantic ridge.

GC Rieber Shipping enters into charter with Reach Subsea for NTNU project

CSV Polar King Images: GC Rieber Shipping

The project will deploy ROV, AUV and grabs for seabed mapping and sampling for geological and biological research related to marine mining.

Estimated duration is three weeks.

“We’re excited to yet again take part in research and exploration activities in the North Atlantic region, an activity which forms an important part of GC Rieber Shipping’s heritage.”, says CEO Irene Waage Basili.

Multipurpose subsea vessel Polar King

Source: GC Rieber Shipping