2 seamen Badly Burned after engine room blaze on tanker rship

By Nezgoda
Australian war vessel HMAS Newcastle evacuated 2 badly-burned Filipino seafarers from the disabled tanker vessel.

The injured seafarers from the Liberian-registered merchant tanker ship Perla, were heavily burned during a machinery fire in the engine room that left the tanker powerless, adrift and vulnerable to pirate attack.

Rough seas conditions required HMAS Newcastle’s embarked Sea Hawk helicopter to affect the rescue operation that winched a 3-person medical team to the damaged tankership Perla to treat and recover the seriously injured Filipino seamen.

Commander Paul O’Grady, who is Commanding Officer of HMAS Newcastle told that sea conditions prevented instant transfer of the casualties.
“After steaming 100 n.m. at best speed to reach the damaged tanker ship Perla, the sea state prevented us from rendering timely assistance,” Commander O’Grady also added: “By radio, our Medical Officer Lieutenant Natalie Boulton established the casualties were stable enough to remain on the board of the damaged tanker ship until conditions improved. Being in a known pirate area we took up a security position for the damaged tanker ship Perla.”