Scorpio Bulkers Inc. (NYSE:SALT) (Scorpio Bulkers) announced today that it has entered into a financing transaction in respect of one of the Company’s Kamsarmax vessels with unaffiliated third parties in Japan.

The cost of the financing is equivalent to an expected fixed interest rate of 4.24% for 10 years. If converted to floating interest rates, based on the expected weighted average life of the transaction, the equivalent margin at current swap rates would be LIBOR + 2.07%.

Scorpio Bulkers announces the financing of a Kamsarmax vessel in Japan
Caption: Bulk carrier SBI Rumba - Image courtesy of Husni

As part of the transaction, the Company will sell a 2015 Japanese built Kamsarmax dry bulk vessel, SBI Rumba, for a consideration of approximately $19.6 million and then lease it back from the buyers through a 9.5 year bareboat charter agreement, with the Company’s option to extend for a further six months.

The agreement also provides the Company with options to repurchase the vessel beginning on the fifth anniversary of the sale and until the end of the bareboat charter agreement.

This transaction, which shall be treated as a financial lease for accounting purposes, increases the Company’s liquidity by approximately $6.0 million, net of commissions and after repayment of the vessel’s existing loan.

Source: Scorpio Bulkers