Spain-based SENER, a ship design company, has initiated the development stages of a brand new Multipurpose Subsea Support Vessel which is intended to serve the required purposes for ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) light construction duties on a global scale.

The vessel is to be over 112 meters long, with more than 100 meters of length between perpendiculars and a 22-meter breadth. The draft is going to be over 7 meters and the depth to the main deck is going to be a total of 9 meters. The ship will be able to sufficiently accommodate 110 passengers.

The diesel electric ship and will feature two FP (fixed pitch) tunnel thrusters, azimuthing main propellers and a FP retractable azimuthing thruster. It is going to be equipped with a 40 MT electric deck crane, along with an option for a 250 MT unit, and will have ability to carry out various procedures in a 4,000-meter level of depth.

SENER Begins Developing Multipurpose Subsea Support Vessel

The vessel’s main deck is going to be further enhanced in order to be able to handle heavy loads. The ship will also have a helicopter deck along with an integrated 7.2 m x 7.2 m moonpool.

The special design enables a 600 t cable carousel option for the ship.

Over the course of the past ten years the company has managed to contribute for a wide array of tugs and offshore vessels and its experience in the field and valuable know-how has further allowed it to take part in significant worldwide projects.

FORAN update

SENER has issued updates for FORAN’s Naval Architecture modules. Version V70R3.0 starts an FBASIC module which is going to serve as a replacement for the former Naval Architecture Calculations modules as well as incorporate brand new features aiming to simplify document generation and perform various calculations. One can easily install it on board vessels that were designed with the help of FORAN in order to use it in the form of a Load Calculator, employing all of the ship information incorporated into the design itself. The company is currently testing this functionality for usage onboard of Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels.

SENER is responsible for developing the FORAN CAD/CAM system and thus puts all of its knowledge regarding the various aspects of ship design into the improving of its software capabilities.

Source & Image: SENER