Domestic tourism in Thailand will be promoted as “Part of Life”

By Yolcu gemileri

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has set a domestic tourism goal of 107.4 million trips with benefits of 453 billion Baht (USD $14.36 billion) in 2013.
All will start this year and into 2013 will seek to advertise travel and tourism as a part of life for the local population and foreign guests of Thailand, not just a luxury or a recreational tourism but a need.
The campaigns are also created not only for guests in the country but for young Thais who like traveling. The provocative slogan will be “New Thinking, New Perspectives – Travel in Thailand Can Yield More Than You Think.”
The popular destinations will be promoted, but there will be new destinations.
Domestic tourism has started to be important as well. There is know middle class in Thailand that has the money and the time to travel. That's quite important for the society.
To evade the economical crisis Thai government offices and many large companies, both Thai and foreign, are also proposing domestic trips as part of their economical programs, holding their corporate meetings, team-building events and training forums within the country itself.